About Us

Dalal Al-Doub Company


At Dalal Al-Doub company we are committed to the exploration and creation of holistic beauty.

By holistic, we understand beauty as the composite of interconnected parts, constantly changing and evolving. The company is interested in three components in particular: beauty of behavior, beauty of appearance, and beauty of experiences.

Employees of Dalal Al-Doub company understand that beauty of behavior includes the following values: trustworthiness, creativity, ambition, and kindness. As employees of Dalal Al-Doub Co., we therefore promote a professional attitude with customers and clients: effective as well as considerate and polite. The need for consistent innovation and growth are also fundamental qualities of our staff and management.

We understand the beauty of appearance to include all the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. As a company, we are committed to exploring how these various senses relate to the creation and dissemination of beauty as it pertains to appearance. For instance, we are committed to making clothing, makeup, accessories, perfumes, incense, homeware, and so on and so forth.

Finally, we understand the beauty of experience to mean prioritizing relationships, community, and principles over profit-for-profit’s-sake, for it is beautiful to contemplate both simple and complex questions, to spend time with loved ones, to laugh and cry with joy, to nurture one’s health, and to spend time developing hobbies or interests along the path to achieving one’s goals and dreams.